Update 1 April Performance

The below trades have all expired worthless for April except for the GLBL write.

It did the opposite of what I expected so I kept the one day 4% gain on the put write. 

The aim was to get long these companies at the given time but they all experienced spikes too quickly thus moving the underlying out the money and expiring worthless. 

The percent is the percent gain on capital invested. Around 14 percent for 1 month. Not bad. 

I’m switching to a broker with a better fee structure, so no new positions for a few days. 

PSG, ICON, PTCT, and GLBL have great potential for a long position after being severely beaten last year. 

I’ll try to complete a formal write up for them soon. Each write up is very time intensive and very lengthy…there’s no way to do a deep dive in just a couple of pages. 

CHK APR 22 2016 6.50 P 1.2692%
GLBL MAY 20 2016 2.50 P 4.1994%
CLF APR 15 2016 3.50 P 1.3571%
CHK APR 15 2016 5.00 P 2.3500%
CHK APR 08 2016 3.50 P 3.0000%
ODP APR 15 2016 6.00 P 1.9583%

2 thoughts on “Update 1 April Performance

    • Dean,
      Thanks! I’m going to write up a longer peace on trading probability with options for your cash position and the different scenarios you can move into via deep value strategies or simply trading weeklies.

      Is there anything you would be interested in seeing a write up on?


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