What’s the point of this site? 

I have been playing with the site for a few days now and content is still bouncing around from page to page. 

I started this site for a few reasons. 

1. One I like talking about investing, options, real estate, economics, the stock market in general, alternative assets and so on. 

2. I want to run my own firm one day. 

3. There is benefit to putting your money where your mouth is and holding a track record of performance. 

4. I recognize that I am not coming from a “Harvard Undergrad to Harvard MBA to Goldman to buy side” track and that networking is the only way I am going to make this happen. 

5. I want to win. Investing holds a merit based “eat what you kill” quality that I love. 

6. I want a place to post all of my stock write ups interspersed with takes on various economic happenings for the 4 people that will read this on a semi-regular basis. 

On the goals page you’ll notice a lot of money based objectives. 

I will say up front that I am not motivated by possessing things. Except a shade top pre-war Martin D-45 (hint: there is only one) But I digress. 

The things on that goals page are measurable mile markers on my longer road to financial freedom interspersed with measurable personal growth onjectives. 

Hopefully all of these will aggregate with my non-measurable goals to produce something really good some day. 

I grew up with very little and I am very low maintenance. My wife has to make me buy new clothes. I’ll probably never buy a brand new car unless someone can show me how I’m not going to lose money on the deal and I don’t care about having a big house. However, I know what it’s like to not have something and really need it. If you’re turned off by monetary goals then view those as mile markers to financial freedom instead. 
My number one goal is to be a dad and husband my two kids and wife will be proud of. But I haven’t figured out how to measure and monitor the progress of that on a spreadsheet just yet. 

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