Mastermind Groups

I’ve been reading a lot on success, discipline, genius, and eventually on “Mastermind Groups”. 

You know the bumper sticker slogans: “Iron Sharpens Iron” “you are the sum of the five people you are with most” and so on. 

There are small groups at church, working groups, councils, management boards, writers groups, focus groups, study groups, hobby groups, and on and on. 

There is obviously real value in getting like minded, highly motivated, smart people together to think on weighty topics and provide feedback and ideas for each other’s work. 

This is one of my newer goals for the year. 

I want to establish a “Mastermind Group” with 3-5 smart like minded and motivated people. The interests can vary to anything but the motivation and focus on mastery of their given craft and success in their field must be present. 

Everyone in the group must want to win. Regardless of whatever winning in their field may look like. 

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