Go Long and updates

It is time to get long on natural gas.

I have been long Anadarko Petroleum (APC) and DVN for a while. I want to open a position on CHK around 3 at the end of this week. 

Beyond gaining futures exposure outright APC, DVN, CHK, and UNG are the closest exposure you can get in NG.

UNG trades front month futures contracts so there is long term contango to take into consideration if you decide to go long.

I am back to work after some family time away and back to the daily schedule.

Expect write ups on Natural Gas and stocks with NG exposure, PSG, GLBL, and a rant about MLM’s.

I am also working on “The Economics of Ranching”, which will examine the cash flow viability of large ranching operations, “The Economics of Timber Wealth” on various timber investment strategies, and “The Economics of Commercial Property”.

I am putting together a pitch deck for a private real estate investment venture as well, so I will probably write on what strategies I am learning about for raising private money and so on.

* None of this is investing advice. This is my personal blog. Don’t listen to me. Do your due diligence or you will go broke. You’ve been warned. Seek the advice of a professional.

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