Odd Market Action; The Psychology of Leadership; and other things to watch and read 

I did well yesterday but this has certainly been an odd one for me.

Tomorrow will prove overall direction for my cash trades.

A fantastic rant on trading and passive investing

Michael Price at Value Investors Conference

Tiger Cub David Gerstenhaber

Seth Klarman – The Psychology of Leadership

Economists hold forth on ideas to boost productivity growth

Interest and Prices: Patinkin and Woodford

How high levels of inequality might change what innovation we see

Royal Dutch Shell Under Pressure As It Seeks To Divest North Sea Assets

Even If NBA Star Steph Curry Loses, Under Armour Wins

In other news I received another solicitation for me to change my rental home from the current lender to a third party with a 2% adjustable rate loan for 5 years. That is the 6th one I’ve received in the last few months.

The next few days will determine whether or not we see a pull back to under 2000 on the S&P or a leg higher past resistance.

This leads me to an internal battle.

I view most things as being over valued. I liked that WMT was beaten down and sure enough they took off yesterday. AAPL has been similar.

I think we will see a better entry in UA and FB, both companies I want to get long in, but how long do you wait if the time horizon is indefinite? Do you squeeze out the penny?


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