Things To Read; Update

I’ve been in and out traveling for work enjoying a new member of the family and having long term house guests.

The CFA is still being studied. Guitars are still being played. Plots are still being made. Networking campaigns are still under way. When you want something. Go get it.

The bulk of my efforts have been focused on building the legal framework for a real estate investment venture I have mentioned in other posts.

Think of it like fixed income.

The legal process has been enlightening. Especially since I have to figure it all out on a very small budget.

I have a new respect for any accountant or small business owner and doubly so for anyone that sets out to managed pooled money or take on investors in any form (whether accredited or not.)

What a convoluted process. But very much a learning endeavor.

That’s for another post. This is about keeping you current and distilling a few good things to read out of the extraordinary volume of crap out there on the internet.

A good start for building your own investment research process

David Petraeus: A Shot from the Grave

Zillow Forecast: Expect About the Same Growth in May for the Case-Shiller Indexes

How can AM survive the move to passive indexing

How American Politics Went Insane

The Real Lesson From Brexit

How to save the UK

Could the United Kingdom Break Up?

The War On Stupid People

A Plea for Rapid Resolution of the Brexit

Comparing Mortgage Credit Variables by Applicant Age

Veterans and the Health of a Nation

I am going to start experimenting with scheduled posts to keep the content flowing.




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