Things to Read; Update

I love economics.

My interests at the moment are International Economics (International Relations, Security, IPE), The Economics of Defense (National Security, War, National Defense, Peace, Conflict Management) Asset Pricing, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (mostly related to, Derivatives, and, securities in general) and Risk and Risk Management as it relates to the previous areas.

My job has an annual solicitation for a fully funded econ PHD. I’m exploring what that would look like, and the viability of running my own scaled up real estate investment venture while being a full time PHD candidate.

The number one goal is running my own book and it looks like getting a work funded PHD can even be an enhancement to that.

Once I get the institution guidelines (any?, just public?, just private?, etc) then I’ll begin the massive networking campaign to find professors ready to take me on under their tutelage.

Recommended reads:

The Underfunded Pentagon – Martin Feldstein

I’ve been reading a derivatives textbook alongside a technical analysis book I received recently.

Fantastic stuff.

Use every day to learn and progress. We aren’t meant to lead convenient and non-challenging lives.

See you tomorrow.


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