Vacation is over 

I’ve been on a long European vacation, but it’s back to the grind. 

I kept up with a lot of reading and research and have some thoughts I will put together for another post. 

I’ve made the guaranteed return venture make sense from a legal standpoint and I am certain I have the way forward. 

Now the only question is timing. After all I have another job and work out of the country. 

Buy Side Development 

One of the benefits of this site is place I can document my thought process when thinking about various investments. 

Maybe it will also eventually be a help to someone else that is trying to network their way into a AM/HF type role. 

On vacation I spent some time really digging into development programs at different firms. 

I am curious to hear your thoughts, dear reader. 

Sell side to buy side? A good ol’ fashion direct mentoring/apprenticeship type relationship at a firm that fits? Sell sides formal training programs first? 

Networking is the only way I will get my foot in the door. I recognize that. The CFA will probably help a little, but otherwise, I  have not taken the traditional route to this career path. 

I have to bank on others seeing that I want it more than everyone else. 

Best to your investing! 

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