Graham & Doddsville Newsletter Archive

These newsletters are fantastic

I have been plowing through the newsletters on breaks from the CFA studies.

Some of them are notably wrong, but beyond whether the thesis was correct or not, it is very interesting to read through so many different thought processes on what makes a good investment.

My NG position is up nicely from the $6.72 CB

Perhaps my UNG and CHK longs will help ease the pain of my SUNE miss.

My CHK options are up 66% at the moment.

I continue to dislike the NG and oil overhang, but the price discrepancy I spoke about in other posts has certainly closed with NG spot trending toward oils relative balance point.

Still heavy cash. There are several reasons to be leery about equities prices.

I would be purchasing an equal position of S&P puts if I was very heavy long equities at the moment.

Luckily volatility gets lower the higher things go…so insurance is cheap.

The VIX is down 28% for the year. So it may be time to get long on volatility.

Best to your investing!


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