CHK; WFC; What I am reading; What you should read

Chesapeake Energy:

Closed my CHK position for a 98% net. It was time to take the profit and wait for the slide back from the seemingly endless oil overhang.

Still holding very small positions in DIS, UA and a few others in my kids account. (18 year time horizon)

Now my only long term positions in my portfolio are in natural gas plays.

Ongoing: Trading spreads on the S&P with the cash position. Generally with ~60 days until expiration.


Wells Fargo has taken a beating in the news but less so on it’s common.

It’s on my watch list for further tanking as investigations commence and expand into the recent scandal.

Currently Reading:

The Theory of Games a Chinese translated game theory text

CFA Curriculum

Mastery by Robert Greene

From How Donald Trump Could Terminate that “Job-killer” KORUS

“For the last few months, Gary Hufbauer, Sherman Robinson, Tyler Moran and I have been working on an analysis of the two major presidential candidates. In our report, we take Hillary Clinton to task for her opposition to TPP. We think that such opposition is wrong on both economic and geopolitical grounds and is not in the best interests of either the United States or South Korea. But as any American with a cable TV subscription knows, Secretary Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, takes her reticence on trade policy to new radical depths. Trump has advocated punitive sanctions on Mexico and China, at times advocating firm-specific tariffs (which are historically unprecedented, illegal, and probably unconstitutional), has talked about abrogating “disastrous” free trade agreements (including that “job-killing” KORUS agreement, which along with NAFTA, he seems to regard with particular ire), and even talking about withdrawing from the WTO which could undo 80 years of economic diplomacy and plunge the US back into the Smoot-Hawley world of the 1930s. When asked about trade wars, he insouciantly replied “who the hell cares about a trade war?””

More Things To Read:

The Dollar, Tradables, and Monetary Policy

Wednesday: FOMC Announcement

Best to your investing,

PS. I got a positive response from one of my big networking targets. Pretty cool stuff.

I’ll share after the meeting.

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