Networking over the Holidays and a few goals for 2017

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!

Over the period leading up to our holiday trip I sent around 200 emails and LinkedIn messages requesting various informational meetings with business leaders, investors, and interesting people of all types in our region.

The response rate was around 10% which, with the level of volume mentioned above, is plenty for the short time frame I was dealing with.

Like anything that has a skill component, the more you do it the better you get.

I would consider this networking push as the first time I have reached out and expanded my contacts with a completely new set of people. I loved it. The positive experience has spurred me onward to continue developing these relationships and planning new methods for a bigger expansion of my contacts over the coming year.

A few goals for 2017

I am a believer in setting goals and making them happen. Below is a snapshot of a relevant few. Specific and Measurable. Plenty more related to other hobbies and niche investing skills that I may include at a later date in a complete list.

  • Connect with 1 new person per week via LinkedIn and email. Build a value added relationship
  • 750+ GMAT and admission to my target MBA program
  • Read one book per week (Partial 2 column book list below)
  • Launch first venture (more to come)
  • Run 1 of trail des allobroges, Ultra Trail Ehunmilak, Ultra Tour Des 4 Massifs
  • Visit: Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia


Book List:

  • All the Light We Cannot See                        Why Don’t we learn from History
  • Thinking Fast and Slow                                  The American Way of war
  • Mastery                                                               On War
  • Margin of Safety                                              Supplying War: Logistics
  • Fooling Some of the People                        Roots of Strategy Series
  • The Last Lion (Winston Churchill)              When Genius Failed
  • Riding rockets                                                    Barbarians at the Gate
  • The most important thing                            Kings of Capital
  • The art of short selling                                   Lincoln: Speeches and Writings
  • The Real estate Game                                   Ulysses S. Grant: Memoirs and Selected Letters
  • George Marshall Series                                        Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman
  • Eisenhower’s Biography                                         Whiz Mob
  • The Goldfinch                                                    The Big Con
  • Maverick Real Estate Financing                  Rules for Radicals
  • What color is your parachute?                    Billion Dollar Lessons
  • Charlie’s almanac                                             Washington: A Life
  • A Zebra in lion’s country                               Eleven Rings
  • Investing the last liberal art                         The 33 Strategies of War
  • Why smart people make big money mistakes
  • The Partnership                                                       The Strategy Paradox
  • Strangers in Paradise                                      The Book of Five Rings
  • Wealth Management Unwrapped           Inside the Brotherhood
  • Never Eat Alone                                               Strategy: A History
  • The checklist manifesto                                     The Speechwriter
  • A Tiger in the Land of Bulls and Bears      Stress Test
  • One Up Wall Street                                         The Courage to Act
  • Quality of Earnings                                          On the Brink
  • Confidence Game                                           Other peoples Money
  • The Outsiders                                                    Makers of Modern Strategy
  • Empire of Cotton                                             Supreme Command
  • The Grass is singing                                         Titan
  • The Hidden Wealth of Nations                   Capital in the Twenty First Century
  • Pit Bull                                                                  The New Financial Order
  • Irrational Exuberance                                     Finance and the Good Society
  • The Champions Mind                                     Relentless
  • The Sports Gene                                              The art of mental training
  • Dead Companies Walking                             Competition demystified
  • Competitive Strategy                                     Good to great
  • The Greatest Salesman in The world       Influence
  • The Compound Effect                                    The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life
  • Valuation: Measuring and Managing       Economics in one lesson

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