Picking the posts back up

As my 3 readers may have noticed, I stopped posting for a while. This was based off of a conversation related to risk in the context of breaking into the business world. 

All that is in the rear view though and I want to continue with my original aim of building some sort of track record as I network and hustle my way to big goals. 

Posts to follow: 

1. 2017 reading list 

2. Revisiting my investment process 

3. 2017 goals 

4. Thoughts on networking 

5. To MBA or not to MBA 

6. Gilead, Commodities, McKesson, solar and Under Armor 

7. Handicapping the economics of 2017 

8. The drone industry 

9. Ideas on agriculture investing 

I will also continue with the “Things you should read” posts and posting derivatives spreads I am entering. 

Best to your investing and happy new year! 

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