Swarm Intelligence -Startups -Drones

A swarm of tiny robots acting in one accord from a single brain? It looks like Krall is coming. Or sky net for the non-star trek fans. Applied Game Theory meets warfare (and other cool stuff).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking through and modeling business outlines for various robotic systems that can be integrated into drones and then leverage swarm theory while filling a market gap.

Side note: The above video is pretty cool but also gives insight into a real downside. However, I’ll refrain from diving into a dissertation on the ethics of war on this site.

Using swarm theory as a base, its pretty incredible to think about what you can disrupt within virtually any industry…with a sufficient capital base.

Let alone what public spending could do to things such as housing, infrastructure layout, and the labor market.

An old article on swarm intelligence startups

Top 20 Drone Company Rankings

Inside Israel’s Secret Startup Machine

Goldman on the Drone market

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Take the world as it is!

Best to your investing.







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