Build a SPAC to take advantage of Uranium lows; Friday Reads

Uranium has been in a huge selloff for several years. It looks like things may be looking up though with estimates approaching old highs through 2019.

Best and worst performing assets of 2016

Silver Run launched to take advantage of energy prices in early 2016.

With an IPO at $10 p/s and SPAQU currently trading at 17.56. Not a bad year.

I like the idea of building out a vehicle to consolidate an industry, streamline efficiencies, and then scaling up as infrastructure is built out. I like the idea even more when it has to do with unsexy businesses that print cash and/or extremely crushed sectors. Oil and Gas last year, Housing 09 and numerous other instances in between. Is Uranium next? Anyone want to back my SPAC?

Did you catch the Rhyme?

Things to read

Uranium 1

Uranium Price Jumps as Top Supplier Pulls Back

How much will GDP grow in 2017?

The U.S. Needs More Manufactured Exports

What Explains the Trump Dollar?

How much will GDP grow in 2017?

Daryl Morey, Basketball’s Billy Beane

China posts worst export fall since 2009 as fears of U.S. trade war loom

Rent Growth for Higher-Priced Rental Homes Slowed in 2016







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