Passive vs. Active Monday Reads

I’ve decided to farm out the Computer heavy work for this and another website I am working on.

Know what you are good at and what you are not.

Anyway, here are some threads, articles, and comments on the Passive, Active, AI heartburn the managed money industry and LP’s seem to be undergoing right now.

BLUF: Fears of active managements death are overblown. Closet indexing (with a bull market especially) does not a fee justified model make.

BlackRock’s Robot Stock-Pickers Post Record Losses

Passive > Active

Future of Active Management

Active vs. Passive Investing and the “Suckers at the Poker Table” Fallacy

No, Actually, the “World’s Greatest Trader” Would Crush the S&P to Powder

Shift from Active to Passive Investments

How can AM survive the move to passive indexing?

The above is not exhaustive obviously but stokes the discussion. I tried to get past the popcorn journalism pieces declaring the end of active management.

As an aside, there is an interesting behavioral element to my networking in general. I am surprised by the line of thought that says “I am huge success in this specific industry and in this particular way, but don’t do what I did.”

Best to your investing!


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