Public Markets 

I am a believer in setting big goals. Set big goals and achieve big things.

The Premium Strategy

With my personal investing I have continued to try and build a scaleable personal strategy.

Lessons Learned:

For April, with one week remaining I have  cleared 10.7% after associated fees simply by writing options on securities that I intended to have exercised. I’ve hit a string of having all of them expire worthless.

While this means that my overall monthly gain is very good, it also means that I have missed out on strong moves against the underlying securities.

I am perfectly fine missing out on the big moves for the consistency that writing the options provides.

It means that I was correct on my thesis for CHK and that the market is being irrational with the SUNE yield-co GLBL.

However, since the point was to initiate a long position on those securities, I got it wrong.

The Long Short Strategy

The premium strategy is the gateway to the long/short game for me. It serves to lower my cost basis and allow me to collect premium on something I want to own anyway.

I have no problem sitting on cash and waiting for the entry point that I want. As a rule, I will not chase an entry. If it runs away from me too quickly then the premiums give me a clean net gain.

To be continued.